Why Smart Guid?

A GUID is an acronym for "Globally Unique Identifier". These GUIDs are used to identify places, things, entities or anything really. I'm no different than any other person in this world, but we are all differentiated and identified by our unique traits. No different than how a GUID is identified by unique series of numbers and letters. My unique traits allow me to solve problems with unique solutions.

Where am I?

I live just outside the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with my wife and two children. We enjoy spending time outside doing activities as a family. Whether its on the beach in Florida or on a lake in Northern Ontario, we love doing things together.

What I do?

When I'm not in front of the computer, I enjoy several hobbies outside the world of technology. When the weather is warm here in Canada, my thumbs are usually green when I take care my gardens or going for bicycle rides with my children, or racing go-karts. When it is colder outside, I am usually snowboarding, building snow forts or shooting pucks at the local rink. When I can't be found, I'm usually in the basement building LEGOs with my son.

What else?

What else would you like to know about me? Send me an email at chris@smartguid.com or get in touch with me through this website.